Dog Hostel in Chandigarh

Dog Hostel in Chandigarh – If you have to go for Vacations or any important work, don’t worry Leave your Dog/ pet with us…At Chandigarh Kennel is the best decision will take care of your Dog/Pets. You are very lucky to stay in Chandigarh or nearby, Your Dog is very special for us – be rest assured that your dog will be taken good care from Chandigarh Kennel.

Dog Hostel – How to choose the right place for a dog?

When you are planning to go away, choosing where to board your pet can be tough! There are many factors when boarding a dog or boarding a cat that must be considered. Always start researching and reflecting early on so that you have time to choose the best place. Consider some of the following factors before making your choice and be sure to contact multiple different companies to ensure you choose the best fit for you and your dog.

Factors to Consider

  • Location & Security
  • Vaccinations & Medication
  • Contact & Access
  • Intangible impressions
  • Online Presence

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Chandigarh Kennel – A home away from home for dogs. We welcome your 4-legged family member into our dog-loving environment and we promise to shower him with all the love, affection and attention that we have to offer.

Dog Hostel in Chandigarh

Welcome to Chandigarh Kennel | Dog Hostel in Chandigarh

We at Chandigarh Kennel, we welcome you to pamper your dog and provide the facility of dog’s hostel. Dog boarding is a service allowing owners of dogs to drop their dogs off for a set amount of time in exchange for a fee. Dogs are fed, walked, and cared for by Chandigarh Kennel staff, we are responsible for keeping the dogs healthy and happy.

The facility is located at Chandigarh and is close to the area of Tricity. The facility is well organized, spacious and in sylvan surroundings. Rest assured, that while you are away, your pet will be enjoying playing, running, sniffing, sleeping and rolling around in our grassy play areas.

Services offered by Chandigarh Kennel 

Dog Hostel – Hostel Facilities for Dogs


We Are Offering The Best Services With In Our Dog Hostel….


Designed with comfort in mind we can accommodate 19 dogs individually, at any given time. Large size individual kennels to keep your dog happy and well exercised. A chain link fixed onto wall separates the kennels, ensuring that the dogs are not lonely while still providing a barrier.

Quality food is provided, with packaged dog food as well as home cooked meals like chicken & rice and liver soup. At the same time any food allergies, particular individual food habits are taken into account.

Grooming We offer complete dog grooming services to all our guests. Our services include comb outs for detangling fur, cuts, and trims in different styles, nail clipping, eyes cleaning, ears cleaning and relaxing bath.

Dog Accessories Our accessories section allow you to shop in comfort with vast ranges of dogs, birds & fishes accessories.

Individual attention is provided to each of our guests as is medical attention when required. Each pet is exercised twice daily and apart from their walks, they can enjoy fun training sessions with us too.

Security: External security is also provided for with an 8ft chain link perimeter fence. Dog boarding areas are fully enclosed at night and are insulated, making them cozy in winter and cool in summer. While our guests are not confined to their kennel during their stay, we do not expect you to pay extra for them to run and play!

Vaccination We offer various pet veterinary solutions that include cat, dog, bird, fish etc and practiced numbers of treatment cases. All types of vaccination are available for your loving dogs.

Dog Hostel Necessary Requirements

  1. Your Dog must be well socialized

This doesn’t mean personality quirks or shyness, it means that dogs that become too fearful or totally stressed out in a group environment will only become agitated with us. It won’t end up being a positive experience for a dog with these kinds of difficulties. We are an open pack environment so the ability to socialize is a very important skill required for dogs that stay with us.

  1. Your Dog must be Non-aggressive

Not to be confused with overly boisterous play. Here we are talking about any history of aggressive behavior; including biting people or dogs, mauling or pinning behaviors, unpredictable fits or targeted aggression (i.e. towards puppies or specific breeds). Part of hostel your dog with Chandigarh Kennel understands that we are a pack environment and that aggression is not accepted. We trust our parents to be open and honest with us about their dog’s behavior and we also conduct our own pre-service assessment.

We Must Meet & Assess All Dogs Prior To The Start of Service

Hostel Facilities’ FAQs

My dog is a first-time boarder. What Should I expect?

For first-time boarders, we always insist on a day-long trial session where your pet will get an opportunity to spend time with our staff and experience the kennel environment as well.

During this trial session, we allow our four-legged guest to run and play around with our staff and once he is tired we gradually introduce him to the kennel. We make sure that your dog is going inside the kennel happily.  During his first time check in we insist on a morning arrival so that your dog gets the entire day to adjust.

Do you meet with me and my dog before his/her stay?

Yes. All new guests are met with by a member of our staff in our premises.  We give your dog a short examination where we simply make sure your dog is coming in happy and healthy. We will also ask you some general questions so that we can get to know our guests a little better.

All day-care dogs are also given a Temperament Test in which we make sure your dog is ready to socialize with our other guests.

My dog is on a special diet. Can I bring in my own food?

If your pet requires a special diet, we encourage you to bring their food when boarding. Our trained staff will follow your instructions to make sure your pet follows its regular diet. By pre-bagging each meal and separately labeled with your pet’s name, your pet will receive the exact amount of food that you feed him or her at home.

Chandigarh Kennel – What makes us so Different?

  • No. 1 Dog Training Centre in Chandigarh
  • Our Private forest dog run
  • Largest and safest dog Transportation in the city
  • AC in summer, radiant heat in the winter.
  • Fully supervised- dogs are never left alone, even for a minute.
  • Play nice policy- every dog is assessed for matched play.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • 24*7 Availability

Contact Details

Name: Chandigarh Kennel

Address: Manimajra, Shastri Nagar, on IT Park Road Near Durga Nursery


Phone Number: +91-7340750191

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